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AC 80-300V DC6V-200V 20A Digital LED Display Voltmeter Ammeter Wattmeter Power Energy Meter Current Voltage Tester 12V 24V 220V

Price: 6.22 USD

Cleqee P1520 5PCS Test Hook Clip to Mini Grabber Test Leads SMD IC Tool Silicone Jumper Wire 20AWG Electrical 50cm Test Cable

Price: 6.23 USD

Cleqee P1009 BNC to Dual 4mm Banana Plug Stackable Type Test Lead BNC Q9 Male Plug Oscilloscope Probe Cable

Price: 6.64 USD

DT-182 Digital Mini Multimeter DC/AC Voltage Current Meter Handheld Pocket Voltmeter Ammeter Diode Triode Tester Multitester

Price: 10.2 USD

Intelligent Weather Station Alarm Clock Indoor Digital Thermometer Hygrometer Calendar Phase Colorful Screen for Home Appliance

Price: 17.88 USD

Cleqee MCX-C Portable Mini Pocket Oscilloscope probe Scope Equipment MCX Test Probe Hook Test Clip for DS202 DS203 DSO201

Price: 6.24 USD

1PC 23.2mm Interface Mount Size Microscope Eyepiece 5X 10X 12.5X 16X Optical Glass Lens Eyepieces for Biological Microscopes

Price: 9.9 USD

Cleqee 2PCS P30036 Automotive Puncture Probe Wire Piercing Clip Test Hook Gold Copper Needle with 4mm Banana Socket 1000V/32A

Price: 6.23 USD

Ac Eu Digital Lcd Power Meter Wattmeter Socket Wattage Kwh Energy Meter Us Eu Measuring Outlet Power Analyzer

Price: 9.99 USD

77.4x36.2mm PIR Human Body Infrared Induction Fresnel Lens Focal Length 25mm Sensing Distance 16m Optical HDPE Plastic Lenses

Price: 8.88 USD

0.01g/100g 200g Car Key Portable Digital Mini Pocket Scale Jewelry Precision Weighing Gold Gram Weight LCD

Price: 9.89 USD

TDS Meter Digitals Water Quality Tester, TDS 0-9990PPM Digitals Water Hardness Testers for Drinking Water

Price: 7.59 USD

Magnetic Box Level, 300mm, 400mm, 3 Different Bubbles, Shock Resistant Measuring Spirit Level for Construction, Carpenters

Price: 7.5 USD

Diameter10mm High Qualityhigh-power Laser Glass Focusing Lens Focal Length F40mmThickness 2.3mm For DIY Laser Engraving Machines

Price: 5 USD

Fresnel lens φ22mm F20mm Infrared induction lens PIR infrared acquisition infrared imaging fresnel lens Customizable

Price: 9.98 USD

70mm Barometer Pressure Gauge for Decorating All Styles of Home Predict Weather Accurately Elegant Design Lightweight

Price: 10.32 USD

EMT01 Two Pins Digital Wood Moisture Meter 0-99.9% Wood Humidity Tester Timber Damp Detector with Large LCD Display

Price: 7.61 USD

Cleqee Multimeter Test Lead Kit with Banana Plug Test Hooks Puncture Probe Replaceable Needle Tips Alligator Clip

Price: 6.65 USD

Fresnel lens for 4.0 inches LCD projector DIY LED light source focusing Image t-correction Fine thread Customizable

Price: 9.98 USD

Fresnel lens φ20mm F20mm Infrared induction lens PIR infrared acquisition infrared imaging fresnel lens Customizable

Price: 9.98 USD

PT1031 20A Gold-Plated Special Tip Digital Multimeter Test 1000V Slicon Rubber Wire Retardant Gilded Sharp Needle Probe

Price: 16.16 USD

Signal Generator PWM Pulse Frequency LCD Display Duty Ratio Adjustable Square Wave Rectangular Signal Generator DC 3.3-30V

Price: 6.16 USD

Magnifying Glasses with Light 2 LED Lighted Magnifier Eyeglasses for Reading Hobbies & Close Work Magnifying Glasses

Price: 8.45 USD

0.5X 0.7X 1.0X 2.0X Barlow Lens Auxiliary Objects Lens Microscope Camera Lens for Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope Accessories

Price: 7.34 USD

PH Meter Buffer PH Solution Buffer Solution Meter Calibration Reusable 50 Ml Bottles Of PH 4.00 6.86 9.18 Calibration Solution

Price: 2.97 USD

UNI-T 1 Pair Universal Digital 1000V 10A 20A Needle Multimeter Multi Meter Test Lead Probe Wire Pen Cable Multimeter Tester

Price: 10.99 USD

1 Pair 1000V 20A Universal Needle Tip Probe Test Leads Pin For Digital Multimeter Meter Tester Probe Silicone Wire Cable Pen

Price: 4.84 USD

M25x0.75 to RMS Thread Adapter RMS to M25 Microscope Objective Ring for Leica Nikon Olympus Microscope Objective

Price: 8.29 USD

0-32% Refractometer Hydrometer Automatic Temperature Compensation Calibration,Juice,Food,Beverage,Industrial Sectors,Sugar Meter

Price: 16.03 USD

New XIAOMI Mijia Bluetooth Thermometer 2 Wireless Smart Electric Digital Hygrometer Work with Mi APP Humidity Sensor Xiaomi

Price: 6.2 USD